Famac Waterpump

Products for residential, agricultural, industrial, sanitation and other application

Who We Are

Famac, a local manufacturer of pumps, was founded in 1946, in the city of Jaraguá do Sul, southern Brazil. It is currently located in Schroeder, State of Santa Catarina, an industrial region.

Famac pumps are for residential (supply, pressurization, swimming pool), agricultural (irrigation, hydroponic) , and the most varied industrial needs (process, washing, boiler, chemical products, food, tanneries, paper and cellulose), sanitation, fire fighting systems and others.

Service Points

The Brazilian market is served by our commercial sales representatives. The company is provided with a wide network of service points to support customers in the territory. The foreign market is rapidly expanding, being served through distributors appointed for each country which are responsible for the commercial area and service.

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