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POND submersible

Type: Vertical shaft submersible pumps for wet wells, clean water

General applications:

    Pumping clean liquids, drainage, evaporative plate, waterfall, ornamental fountain, cistern drainage, swimming pool.

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Details Detail
Model Model
CV hp
Internship stg
Diameter Ø (mm)
Solid. (Mm)
Rotation (rpm)
Gauge (in) Size (in)
single phase Single Phase (V)
Three Phase Three Phase (V)
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CURVES POND-100-25-4 0,14cv/1/72mm/3500rpm 1/7 1 72 4 3500 1" 110/220 - Where to buy
CURVES POND-S250-32-4 0,33cv/1/80mm/3500rpm 1/3 1 80 4 3500 1 1 / 4 " 110/220 - Where to buy