Did you know that our products are gaining international market? Exports, especially for irrigation and firefighting, are booming here.

(Ricardo Petry – FAMAC Foreign Trade)

A great advantage that a company has when it decides to start exporting is being able to increase its client portfolio and consequently the “market share”, the so-called market share that you may have already heard about. Reaching New Audiences, In addition to Competitive Issues with Competitors and Others players the market, the company strengthens itself in the market and establishes its brand. Such commercial operation, therefore, is one of the best ways for a company to leverage its growth.

Most of the companies that start their export process have a considerable growth when compared to companies that do not export. To get an idea, according to the results released by the Directorate of the Department of Planning and Commercial Intelligence of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services:

  • Exports added up to US$ 335 billion in the result of the 2022 Brazilian Trade Balance.
  • Although in the first quarter of 2023 prices are on the rise, the trend is for increasing volumes and prices contributing negatively.
  • For 2023, exports of US$ 325 billion are expected (a decrease of almost 3% compared to 2022), imports of US$ 241 billion and growth of the balance of 36,8%, reaching US$ 84 billion reais (growth of practically 37 % compared to 2022).

However, for this to be an assertive decision, it is necessary to do a good market research to see if the product commercialized internally will be accepted abroad and if there will be a need to change the final product, that is, some kind of customization to meet this market. .

FAMAC has always aimed to export its products, with the aim of distributing FAMAC motor pumps from Brazil to the world. In 2006, the first international sale to South America took place. Today, more than 16 years later, we have an important stake in some neighboring countries.

As an example, we can highlight two markets in which we are already recognized for our performance through our official distributors:

Of course, we started in both in a timid way, but over the years the trust and the volume of business have gradually increased. This happened mainly because our Peruvian and Ecuadorian partners realized that they were working in partnership with a serious, solid company with qualified products.

Another promising market is Colombia, so much so that we went to participate in the XXIV Agroexpo, a highly representative fair for Latin America and the Caribbean, with more than 600 exhibitors, forums on innovation and an academic agenda focused on agribusiness. FAMAC, of ​​course, couldn't stay out of this!

FAMAC Motopumps from Brazil to the world - FAMAC Collaborators at the XXIV Agroexpo stand in Colombia.
FAMAC Motopumps from Brazil to the world – participation in the XXIV Agroexpo (Colombia)

And of course we are not going to stop here! Since 2021, we have started CE marking on some lines of our products, aiming to meet the safety, health and environmental protection issues specific to the European market. That's where we want to go. But that is already a subject for a next post!

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2 thoughts on “FAMAC Motobombas – from Brazil to the world”

  1. Good day.
    This is Gilberto Wolf from the Castrolanda cooperative, telephone 042 98834-8021, I would like to know if you manufacture a set of motor pumps for a fire system where a diesel pump should be included. We already have two systems from you, but the last one was bought 5 years ago, so my doubts.
    If the answer is positive, please contact me, as we need a set for 260 m3/h pressure of 7,5 kgf/cm2.
    I tried to contact you by phone 47 3374-6000 but I couldn't complete the line.

    1. Hello Mr. Gilberto, we hope to find you well!
      The Region Coordinator will get in touch with you to give you all the information about FAMAC motor pumps for fire fighting systems.

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