FGX line with stainless steel rotor

Come and learn more about the launch of FAMAC's FGX pump line with stainless steel impeller!

(Carlos Longo – FAMAC Engineering)

Famac launched this year the FGX line of single-stage pumps with stainless steel impeller to meet, with the confidence and quality as always, especially pumping applications that require more resistance.

This is because stainless steel is a noble alloy that is more resistant than other materials such as aluminum, iron or bronze, commonly used in rotors. This feature means that stainless steel rotors practically do not suffer the common wear and tear that occurs with most other materials.

Rotor wear

The wear of pump impellers can be influenced by several causes:

  • Corrosion: the rotor metal reacts with the pumped fluid, which is aggressive towards the rotor metal, resulting in material loss, surface weakening and premature failures.
  • Erosion: solid particles in suspension such as sand, silt or abrasive particles can collide with the surfaces of the rotors, causing progressive wear.
  • Cavitation: caused by the formation and implosion of vapor bubbles that create jets of liquid that reach the surfaces of the rotors, causing damage and erosion (to understand more about cavitation, read the article that we previously published here on the blog).
  • Fluids containing chemical components can react with the rotor material and result in the formation of some unwanted chemical “mixture”, corrosion or deposition of materials on the surfaces, negatively affecting the performance and useful life of the rotors.
  • Extremely high or low pH fluids can be more corrosive to certain rotor materials, increasing wear.

Fluid temperature can also influence its chemical and physical properties, thus affecting rotor wear. Fluids operating at high temperatures can accelerate chemical corrosion reactions and the rate of surface erosion.

Did you notice how the choice of impeller materials in relation to the pumped fluid is essential to avoid unwanted chemical reactions and damage to this important pump component?

That's why stainless steel rotors make our products FGX line very interesting for various applications.

FGX stainless steel rotors

The stainless steel rotors used by FAMAC are made of 304 steel (AISI 304), the same one you find in kitchen utensils, also used in hospitals and in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. Commonly called austenitic steel, it is basically composed of iron, chromium, nickel, and a maximum of 2% manganese and 1% silicon.

What's more, the stainless steel rotor FGX line from FAMAC, has a very special feature: it is a stamped rotor, a manufacturing technique in which sheet metal material is molded and cut to produce a piece with a specific shape. But the difference lies in FAMAC's innovation in stamping even the rotor fins, providing incomparable lightness, quality and resistance, when compared to cast iron or aluminum rotors. Show, isn't it?

Furthermore, this technological innovation by FAMAC made it possible to work with threaded shaft ends, without the use of keys, which would be impossible to use with cast stainless steel rotors. This was yet another technological improvement made with our customers in mind!

Line of FGX pumps with stainless steel impeller by FAMAC

It is possible to purchase products from FGX line on single-phase, two-phase or three-phase power. In addition to motorpumps with IP21 or IP 55 motors, you can also find motorpumps with couplings and bearing pumps. 

FAMAC FGX line of pumps with stainless steel impeller
FAMAC line of pumps with stainless steel impeller

Oh, and if you want, you can couple your FGX to a combustion engine, as the FGX has a bearing specially developed for this purpose.

Also suitable for working with hot liquids, as the stainless steel rotor is resistant and prevents oxidation in situations like this, the products in the FGX line meet:

  • Pressure up to 47 mca.
  • Maximum flow of 22 m3/ H.
  • Powers from ¾ to 4,0 hp.

You will find pump models from the FGX line with different types of mechanical seals, to meet any need.

Did you see that fantastic line? Know that you can apply the products of the FGX line in the most varied segments and applications, among them:

  • Supplying and pressurizing homes, buildings and condominiums, both vertically and horizontally;
  • In the distribution of water in sites, farms and farms;
  • In industrial refrigeration systems;
  • In fire fighting systems and also
  • For irrigation, gardening and hydroponics.

Don't forget: whatever your need for pumping solutions, FAMAC is with you! 

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