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Come find out more about the FBS-NG line for pumping various fluids.

(Rogério Fonsaca – FAMAC Engineer)

Are you looking for a submersible pump capable of handling different types of fluids, from clean water to raw sewage? Then you need to know FAMAC’s FBS-NG submersible pumps.

As you already know, FAMAC is a 100% national company that constantly invests in technology and new launches and in this post we will highlight the main features and advantages of the new FBS-NG pumps.

That's right you read: NEW FBS-NG bombs! FAMAC has expanded its already renowned line with products ranging from 10 to 30 hp, ideal for various industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Performance and Robustness

FBS-NG submersible pumps were designed to pump fluids containing solids from 50mm to 90mm, without clogging or damage to the equipment.

Depending on your needs, they can be installed fixedly, with a pedestal system, or portable with a support ring and hose curve.

Furthermore, they have a robust construction, with a cast iron body, stainless steel screws, handle and shaft, and electrostatic epoxy painting, ensuring greater resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Power and Flexibility

FBS-NG submersible pumps are available with two types of motors: 4-pole and 2-pole.

The engines of 4 poles are indicated for applications that require high flow, such as draining large volumes of water or sewage. With 4″ and 6″ discharges, they can pump up to 500m³/h and have semi-open impellers with a solids passage of 90mm.

The engines of 2 poles are recommended for applications that require higher pressure, such as sewage lifts or industrial waste. With a pressure of 3″, they can pump up to 90m³/h and have two-bladed rotors with a passage of 50mm.

Security and Durability

All FBS-NG submersible pump motors operate dry (i.e. without oil) and are three-phase, with three voltages of 220, 380 or 440V. They have class H insulation, thermal protectors and humidity sensor. These features guarantee greater safety and durability to the equipment, preventing overheating, short circuits or leaks.

Furthermore, the pumps are supplied from the factory in single voltage, but can be easily changed thanks to the set of posts WAGO quick connect.

Sealing and Protection

Another distinguishing feature of the FBS-NG submersible pumps is the double mechanical seal with Ø45mm and silicon carbide faces, which prevents the pumped fluid from coming into contact with the motor. This seal is protected by an innovative system that relieves pressure behind the rotor, through a chamber that releases a small flow of liquid into the external environment. This increases seal life and prevents damage to equipment.

Reliability and Simplified Maintenance

The pump power and control cables are sealed and resined, a system already known from the FBS-NG family, which guarantees tightness and reliability.

By default, all pumps are fitted with 10m cables, but longer cables can be supplied on request.

Furthermore, all pumps have a handle made of stainless steel with two lifting positions, for loading/unloading and lowering/rising on the pedestal.

They also have an anchoring point for the pump’s electrical cables.

Submersible Grinder Pumps FBS-NG-JAC

Along with the new FBS-NG, FAMAC also expanded the family of submersible grinding pumps, the FBS-NG-JAC. Now even more powerful, with engines of up to 30 hp, the FBS-NG-JAC model submersible pumps have a crusher system incorporated into the pump inlet.

This model's main feature is the ability to crush solid fibrous materials, reducing the possibility of clogging in the pipes and pumper. We developed a system that allows for greater flow and we use high-hardness steel to increase useful life and cutting efficiency.

As you can see, FAMAC FBS-NG submersible pumps are the perfect solution for those who need to pump fluids containing solids without losing efficiency, quality and safety.

Click here if you want to access the technical specifications of FBS-NG pumps.

Click here if you want to access the technical specifications of FBS-NG-JAC pumps.

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