New FBS-NG-JAC with crusher system

In this post we present submersible pumps with a crusher system, in particular the new FBS-NG-JAC from FAMAC.

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I imagine that the use of submersible centrifugal motor pumps in sewage treatment systems is not new to you. If you already work with this equipment or follow us here, you know that the efficiency of this equipment for pumping liquids with large amounts of waste is already more than proven.

However, what you may not know is that the specifications of this type of system go beyond the parameters of pressure, flow or even the power of the driving motor to meet the required operating point. The characteristics of the pumped sewage are also very important! Very large solids can cause the pump to jam and even block the piping, things that anyone who deals with this type of system wouldn't want to happen, right?

In sewage treatment plants, it is practically impossible to predict which type of waste will be thrown into the sewers, whether by consistency, diameter or even length, in the case of long fibers. This is a recurring problem in single-cell systems such as homes, or multi-cell systems such as in condominiums and residential or commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping malls or hospitals.

Complicated, right? It seems that there are people who believe that the toilet is a kind of “portal” capable of putting an end to everything that can be carried away by the water when it is flushed! It is not uncommon to report diapers, pads, plastic, condoms or pieces of fabric blocking the pump rotor or completely blocking the tubing.

When this happens… think about the headache and labor it will cause!

Submersible Pumps

In applications that will use traditional submersible motor pump models, what needs to be considered is the maximum expected diameter of the solids that will be pumped. Normally this control is possible through grating, which guarantees control of what reaches the pumper.

However, often, in some projects, we are unable to predict what the characteristics of the solids will be, nor even to control their passage. In these cases, the best choice is submersible motor pumps with a grinder.

Crusher Motor Pumps

Submersible pumps called crushers have a rotating radial cutting knife attached to the liquid collection inlet and a fixed cutter mounted on the bottom plate of the pump. This crusher set ensures that solids larger than the small space between the knives are crushed. This greatly reduces the possibility of pipe blockage or clogging.

Submersible pumps with an attached crusher system are also used in slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses to pump waste resulting from these industrial activities. Crushing allows the use of smaller diameter pipes to discharge the material, which is of great value for this type of industry.


It is important to remember that submersible pumps, with or without crushing, are robust equipment, but not indestructible, that is, pumping stones, iron bars or cement blocks is out of the question.

FAMAC motor pumps with crusher system

FAMAC, always focused on meeting the demands of sanitation users or even industrial partners, has a complete line of submersible centrifugal motor pumps with coupled crusher system, FBS-NG-JAC. This nomenclature JAC alludes to JACaré, due to the reputation that this animal has for destroying other beings that appear in front of it.

Built in cast iron and protected with paint epoxy in electrostatic painting, they are robust pumps, resistant to shocks and abrasion in demanding applications. Equipped with a semi-open rotor with versions up to 30 hp, they achieve excellent performance with the most diverse types of solids to be crushed.

In line with global trends that do not pose a risk to the environment, the engines of FBS-NG-JAC are assembled without oil. This is an innovative practice in Brazil, as it is common in the national market to manufacture submersible pumps with oil in the engine.

Besides FBS-NG-JAC FAMAC offers other models of grinding pumps in its product catalog:

For more information about these products, click here.

From project conception, to complete assembly and testing of the products we put on the market, FAMAC is committed to ensuring that the best pumping solution, with better performance and applicability, reaches the end consumer. That is our purpose!

Stay tuned here on the website and on social media @famacmotobombas that we will always bring you the first-hand news, after all, this is FAMAC!

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